Bedliners/Bed Mats

Spray-in Bedliners

To protect your truck bed and attain a look that is sure to impress, look no further than a spray-in liner from Anchor. Nobody sprays a better liner. We have been spraying bedliners longer than anyone else in the valley and we even color match! Our spray-in bedliners are sprayed at high pressure and high heat for a tough even coating. Unlike drop-in bedliners where water can get between the liner and the bed to cause rust and corrosion, spray-in bedliners give a seal between your truck bed and the liner. Spray-in liners also give a textured surface, so they won’t be as slippery as a drop-in liner. There are three options for spray-in liners here at Anchor. The first is the Standard Black which has all the benefits of a spray-in liner. The second option is the Ultra Black, which takes the Standard Black one step further adding in UV protection. This is done by taking an automotive-grade black paint pigment and mixing it with an elastic clear coat, which is sprayed on top of the bedliner. This prevents the liner from fading from UV rays and ensures a rich and shiny black look for a long time. The third option is the Ultra Color, which is the same process as the Ultra Black but is sprayed to match your vehicle. This is done by replacing the automotive-grade black paint pigment we use with the Ultra Black with an automotive-grade pigment that is the same color code as your truck’s paint. We have full-size truck beds sprayed with our bedliner in our showroom, so stop by today to see it for yourself!

The Ultra Black Spray-in Bedliner
The Ultra Color Spray-in Bedliner

Drop-in Bedliners

For a more economical option to protect your truck bed, come by and check out a drop-in liner. These liners use a hard and durable composite material that conforms to your truck bed. They feature a high rib design which gives impact protection and allows water to drain from the bed. Each bedliner is vehicle make and model specific, ensuring a custom fit. We stock these for the most popular trucks, so call or stop by today for details! 

Heavy Duty Rubber Bed Mats 

Rubber bed mats are a very cost-effective way to protect the surface of your truck bed. The extra-thick rubber material keeps your truck bed surface protected while giving a non-slip surface for any cargo you are carrying. These bed mats are vehicle make and model specific. The custom fit and the rubber cleats on the bottom hold the mat in place, keeping it from sliding around in your truck bed. There is no installation necessary, simply unroll the bed mat into your truck bed and you are good to go! We stock these for the most popular trucks, so stop by today and see what we have to offer!