Tonneau Covers

Anchor is an authorized distributor and installer for Extang. A wide selection of styles as well as top-notch quality has made Extang the #1 selling tonneau brand. Each tonneau is engineered specific to each make and model of truck, ensuring the best fit possible. We have Extang covers installed on full-size truck beds in our showroom. Come visit Anchor today to see for yourself how the cheaper Internet knock offs can’t compare to Extang’s quality.

Trifecta 2.0

The Trifecta 2.0 is the most popular tonneau we sell here at Anchor, and it is also the best-selling Tri-folding cover in America! Keep it closed, fold it all the way back, or completely remove in no time at all. Quality, appearance, and simplicity are what make this tonneau cover the top in the industry. A heavy-duty leather grained fabric gives it a sleek and high-quality look. A black-painted aircraft aluminum frame means the cover is sturdy and lightweight. The aircraft aluminum bows help the tonneau ride tight and will cause water to run off the sides of the cover rather than puddle in the middle. The quick clamps at the back make opening and closing the tonneau a breeze. The Jaw-Grip clamps at the front keep the tonneau secure to the truck bed in an open or closed position and are easily removable by simply turning a wing-nut. Installation of the cover requires no assembly or drilling. We have this cover on display in our showroom, so come visit us at Anchor today to see the Trifecta 2.0 in action. 

Trifecta ALX

The easiest truck bed cover just got easier. The Trifecta ALX packs the same great features as Extang’s best-selling tri-fold cover, the Trifecta 2.0, but with a Secure Rotary Release Latching System at the tailgate and an automatic latching feature that’ll make getting the goods in and out of your truck bed that much faster. To unlock, simply rotate the release knob located at the driver side rear and lift, folding the cover towards the cab. This release knob is easy to use and provides unmatched convenience of operation. Another impressive feature of the Trifecta ALX is its auto-latching component. This tri-fold cover automatically secures in place as it makes contact with the bed, allowing you to quickly close and latch this cover without the need to open the tailgate. The Trifecta ALX is topped with an all-new, Ancona pebble grained fabric to preserve your truck bed from water, dirt, and dust. Its robust, aircraft-grade aluminum frame contributes to this unrivaled bed protection. The Trifecta ALX is sealed tightly to your truck bed with adhesive-free perimeter sealing to ensure maximum bed and cargo protection. Come down to Anchor today and see the Trifecta ALX for yourself!



The Xceed is a seamless and secure hard folding truck bed cover designed and engineered to greater expectations. This flush-mounted, hard-folding cover offers full bed access when open, and adds a seamless and polished look to your truck when closed. Xceed was precisely engineered to provide excellent coverage while ensuring maximum security and ultimate style. Go completely sleek without minimizing the durability of your truck bed cover. Flush mounted to provide a low profile appearance and engineered to complement your truck’s functionality and looks. Xceed’s matte black finishes are the final touches to enhance the overall appearance of your truck.  The Xceed’s sleek good looks are paired with an industry-first Secure Rotary Release Latching System, which encases the operation cable for tamper-proof security. Top it off with an EnduraCoat moisture-proof covering for added weather resistance and you’re looking at Extang’s most advanced cover to date. Stowing large cargo just got easier. Xceed folds all the way up to the back window, allowing complete, full bed access with a unique four-panel construction to reduce the overall height when open. Installation of the cover requires no assembly or drilling. We have this cover on display in our showroom, so come visit us at Anchor today to see the Trifecta 2.0 in action.


The e-Max tonneau has all the great features of the original Trifecta but includes the ability to fold all the way up, allowing you to utilize your full truck bed. It uses the same vinyl cover, aircraft aluminum frame, and quick clamps as the original Trifecta. This means opening, closing, and completely removing the tonneau cover is a breeze. To give full bed access the e-Max utilizes a Secure Shut Latching system that can easily be opened by pulling on a cable, and quick release support rods to hold the cover open against the cab of the truck. These features allow the e-Max to be stored and driven in three positions: fully closed and latched, opened fully towards the cab and secured with buckles, or fully opened against the cab using the support rods. Installation of the cover requires no drilling. Come see us today and ask about Extang’s e-Max tonneau.